Why the movies is the perfect choice for a kids birthday party

Why the movies is the perfect choice for a kids birthday party

As busy parents, hosting a birthday party can take some organizing. For those kids wanting to celebrate and mark their special day with a party, we think having it your cinemas near me is the perfect venue choice. We’ve compiled together of fabulous things to do with kids birthday party that are sure to make enjoyable for kids at cinema.

You can host your party any day and time of the week. Trying to schedule a party over everyone’s commitments can be tricky – music lessons, after-school tutoring, swimming class, weekend sport and so on. Having a celebration at the movies can be early in the day, after school, on a weekend night or any time over the weekend!

As much as you plan your Childrens party and not matter how organized you maybe; there is one thing you can’t arrange or control, and that is the weather! By having your child’s birthday at the cinemas, you don’t have to worry about the weather or having to cancel due to poor weather. Forget about the rain, wind or the summer heat and relax in air conditioned comfort for a couple of hours.

Another great point when organizing a cinema party is you can conveniently plan your movie choice up to 6 weeks in advance with a variety of G or PG movies being released weeks in advance. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about missing out on tickets or sitting together as you can book (in person or online) well in advance your preferred seats and session.

If none of the above has got you over the line yet, how about; you don’t have to worry about preparing party food, cleaning the house or cleaning up afterwards! Are you sold on the idea? Consider taking the kids for burgers or pizza before the movie to save on snack foods during the movie – a great time for any parents that might be attending to chat over a nice coffee and a slice of pizza. Within 2 hours the party is over with no fuss and every one has had a great time.

Finally, the beauty of hosting a kids cinema party at your cinema movies near me is you also have the option to upgrade and book a birthday party package with your cinema near me. This package usually starts with packages that include the movie ticket, a snack and drink. If you’d like to go all out then there are Gold Class Options for kids too.

Big screen birthday fun for little ones!

Are your little ones crazy about cinema kids? Do they love the big screen? Turn their next birthday party into a dream come true with kids parties at Cinemas’ dedicated children’s theatre, KIDS.

There’s a private party room that can accommodate children in cinema, where the little movie fans can enjoy fun activities coordinated by our specially trained KIDS team. They can also tuck into tasty meals, their favourite cinema snacks and a custom-made birthday cake.

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