What Functions Can You Perform On Airpods?

What Functions Can You Perform On Airpods?

Excited about buying new AirPods or have you already bought them? Airpods can prove to be a very useful and classy gadget if you know how to use them properly and are well aware of their functions.

In this article, we will tell you about the various functions that exist in Airpods and AirPods Pro. Knowing these functions will not only make your use easier but will also make you understand and enjoy the use of this new age gadget.

Let’s begin with the basics.

Audio Controls at Your Fingertips

Play and Pause

Your AirPods come with a force sensor on the stem of each pod. Whenever you wish to play or pause audio you just need to press that force sensor and your audio will pause or play. This can also be used to resume audio.

Skip Songs 

In order to Skip Songs on Airpods, you need to double press the force sensor and to play back press the sensor thrice.

Volume Controls

Volume control is also very easy with AirPods. All you need to do is say “Hey Siri , turn up or down the volume” and Siri will do it for you. Another option is to drag the volume slider up or down to control the volume.

If you own an Apple Watch that is connected to your phone then you can control the volume of your AirBuds through your Apple Watch as well. You can turn the crown up and down to control the volume.

Use The Noise Cancellation Feature

Using AirPods comes with the perks of choosing when you want to block the voices of the outside world or when you want to hear them. There are two types of modes in all AirPods which include the active noise cancellation feature and the transparency feature.

The active noise cancellation feature allows you to block all the noise from the outside which means you won’t be disturbed by any interruption from the outside world while listening to something. It provides you with a club kind of experience.

The transparency feature gives you the advantage of being able to listen to outside noise while wearing your AirPods. This feature can be very useful in office spaces or even at home where you need to keep an ear out for the doorbell or the kids.

How to control audio with your AirPods?

Siri is of great help if you know how to use its assistance. It can help you control your playback audio if you just say “Hey Siri, increase or decrease the volume”  and you can also skip songs on Airpods after saying “Hey Siri” and then double-tapping on the Airpod.

How To Answer Calls With Your AirPods?

When you get a call while wearing your AirPods you will hear the ringtone and Siri can also announce it.

To receive the call on AirPods (3rd generation) you need to press the force sensor.

If you have 2nd generation AirPods, you need to double-tap an AirPod.

In case of declining a call, you can double press the force sensor and the call will be declined.

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