How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

Instagram is one of the most promising platforms that brands across the globe are using to advertise their brands and services. Thanks to the massive evolution of technology as a whole, brands have opted for a newer and much more feasible approach- social media marketing. 

In addition to this, the new feature of Instagram called ‘reels’ allows users to create brief videos to attract their prospective customers into learning more about their brand. Here are some tips that you can use to create Instagram reels for your business for attaining optimal business success. 

Why Should You Use Reels for your Business? 

Social media has acted as a pivotal element in transforming the buying funnel to a rather web of distinguishing platforms your prospective customers browse through to explore products and services. Instagram is a fast-evolving platform that has over 1 billion active users on a monthly basis. 

These statistics only prove how useful this platform has been for brands across the world for boosting sales. The platform further offers video content to its users which is quite enjoyed by a majority of the people that use Instagram on a daily basis. Thus, reels are a great source to boost customer engagement and ultimately multiply your sales. 

Top 12 Tips For Making Reels for Your Business 

Reels is a very advanced Instagram feature that allows users to create small and brief videos. You can make a wide range of videos based on what you want your customers to take away from your brand. Here are 12 tips for making reels that might pique your interest. 

Do Thorough Research 

Instagram reels is a fairly new feature. However, influencers and marketers across the globe have already started using this feature widely to publish relevant content to attract their users. Doing thorough research before you start making reels is a very quintessential aspect of ensuring that you know what you’re getting into. Firstly, you want to determine who your target audience is. Once you know who your target audience is, take some time out to watch the content that might be common in their demographics. 

Edit High-Quality Videos 

Everybody loves watching aesthetically pleasing and fun-loving videos. The easiest way to impress your viewers is to create high-quality videos. Thanks to the internet, there are a myriad of cutting-edge insta video editors available online that can help you edit your videos as per your requirements. Access over thousands of templates and other features like- stickers, GIFs, animations, font sizes and colors, and so on. Your key is to make your reels as unique and informative as possible. 

Design a Storyboard 

Reels don’t offer the sort of spontaneous feels as Instagram stories do. You can get an edge over this factor and design a storyboard before starting your reel journey. Jot down the objectives for your reels and simultaneously analyse how you will accomplish these core goals. What makes reels quite a catch is that they can only extend up to 30 seconds. Thus, you want to ensure creating an impact in these 30 seconds only. 

Avoid Hard Selling 

You don’t want to go all salesy when making reels. Remember that reels are not exclusively made for imposing your products and services on your viewers. They are more on the side of helping you grab the attention of your viewers to listen to what you have to say. Reels thus play a crucial role in building visibility for your brand. You don’t want to go overboard and drive your prospective customers away by sounding too salesy. Focus on creating fun-loving content to keep your audience engaged. 

Repurpose Your Content 

Marketers will want shopping on Instagram's Reels for Christmas - Mumbrella

A great way to stay relevant and create brand awareness is to repurpose content. You know for a fact that there is a reason why your old content went viral in the first place. If you’re unable to think of intriguing and eye-catching ideas for your reels, repurposing your content is a great place to start. You can also take inspiration from the content that you posted on other social media platforms. Explore blog posts and content that gained organic traffic and convert this content into reels to make an impressionable statement on your viewers. 

Create Behind-the-scenes Videos 

One of the most effective tips for creating engagement among your prospective customers through reels is to create behind-the-scenes videos. Behind-the-scenes videos expose a very raw and real side of your brand to your audience. This can help your audience connect much more deeply with your brand, thereby boosting your customer base as a whole. 

Be Real With Your Audience 

Your aim is to stay true to your audience. Just like behind-the-scenes reels, creating content that is raw, real, and authentic is a great way to help your viewers get to know you more. It can furthermore help them feel acknowledged and a part of a community. Being honest with your potential customers can only help you win in the long run. Show a vulnerable side of your brand or any sort of content that you’ve never put out before to surprise your customers. 

Share Your Story 

Small and medium businesses can benefit largely from creating reels. This is because reels are an amazing way to tell your story to your customers. With minimal planning and limited editing, you can create premium-quality videos to make a bold statement. Reels play an active role in helping you connect well with your clients. However, it is also important to remember to keep your introduction short and sweet and reels are only 30-second clips. 

Make Sneak-Peek Videos 

Create exclusive Sneak-peek videos to keep your audience intrigued to come back to your page every few minutes. There’s something about Sneak-peek videos that generates a sense of curiosity among your customers. Showing a glimpse of your newly launched product or service can subtly grab the attention of your customers. The more unique your reel content is, the better chance you’ll have at creating deeper relationships with your prospective customers. 

Display Your Products in Action 

Well, we’ve all purchased a product that did not turn out to be the same as what it looked like in pictures at least once in our lifetime. You don’t want your customers to experience the same. Save your customers this inconvenience by displaying your products in action. For instance, create quirky and confident videos of somebody wearing or using your product with good music in the background. Don’t forget to add bold captions to your reels before posting them. 

Watch Out for Trends 

Instagram trends are the most happening elements on the platform. A very easy and quick way to get your viewers to engage in your content is to hop on to a popular trend that might have gone viral on the explore feed. From challenges, dances, and much more, there is always something or the other trending in the reels section of Instagram. You can choose one of these trends and alter it to make a very unique reel to stand out to your audience. Remember to have fun. Creating reels is all about having fun and doing something out of the box. 

Offer Essential Tips and Tricks 

Last but not least, a great tip for creating reels is to make tips and tricks videos. Reels are meant to educate your viewers on your products. They are the most convenient way of sharing more information about your product, including how to use it, features, warranty details, and so on. Your reels can be as straightforward until they explain to your viewers thoroughly about your product. Ensure that your tips and tricks are relevant to the brand. You can also encourage feedback in the comment section so that you can get to know your audience much better. 

Bottom Line 

Instagram reels have made successful marketing possible and easy. Brands across the world are making some of the most engaging, fun-loving, and informative reels to connect well with their prospective customers, along with offering them the content they deserve. 

These were some of the most useful tips for making exclusive reels for your brand. Every budding entrepreneur can leverage these tips to create some of the most engaging reels to boost sales, generate leads, and eventually attain optimal success for your brand.

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