How Should You Select A Standing Desk?

How Should You Select A Standing Desk?

You’ve been working from home for a while and have begun to feel the effects on your body after around three years of sitting. Now that your parking lot is your hallway and the coworker you need to catch up with is your dog next to you, you don’t walk around as much during the day.

So, Are Standing Desks A Good Investment?

You may have considered purchasing a standing desk to add some movement to your workday or to elevate your workstation, but it’s critical to understand how to select a standing desk that is right for you. We’ve covered all you need to know about selecting the best standing desk for you. As you go through all those internet evaluations, keep these pointers in mind!

Electric Standing Desks

The most comprehensive solution is an electric standing desk. Of course, you can make a fast workaround with an upside-down laundry basket, acquire a desk converter for a lower price, or even consider a manually adjustable desk chair , but an electric desk will provide you with the most convenience overall.

The durability of a desk is determined by the quality of the materials used. Consider the motor components in an electric standing desk; a dual-motor will power more up-and-down motion over its lifetime, as well as boost the speed of height adjustability. It isn’t an issue for ergonomic furniture manufacturers, although it can be with inexpensive versions. (Watch out, impatient office workers.)

The intensity of loudness is sometimes overlooked. Look for something below 60 dB, as it’s a seemingly little detail that can become aggravating with time. Quiet is defined as a sound level of fewer than 40 decibels.

Range of Height Adjustment

Your needed range is determined by your body size! This desk height calculator is the simplest way to figure out what you require. When typing, the idea is to keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows at 90 degrees to the body. You can raise your chair and use a footrest if your desk is too high.

What To Consider When Choosing a Standing Desk – Readydesk


You should select a tabletop size that is appropriate for your area and equipment, but the thickness of the tabletop is also critical. When it comes to the seating area, make sure the thickness is only 1″ – 2″ thick. Anything thicker will make it difficult to maintain a relaxed leg and arm position.

Plan to sit along a straight edge rather than the corner if you choose a corner desk. This way, you’re more likely to maintain neutral postures.

Stability of the Frame

A-frame with square columns, strengthened material, and larger feet will provide better stability. The frame’s material and total weight are important factors to consider. When you’re in standing range, pay special attention to stability. If you’re taller than usual, a three-stage frame is your best bet.

Your desk’s weight capacity must be greater than the weight of everything you want to put on top, so double-check the weights of your monitor and accessories. The majority of basic standing workstations can easily support over 100 pounds.

Everything Else

You may not require the extras, but you may desire them. Connective desks can integrate with your smart devices, detect your movement, and prompt you to stand up, and they have programmable heights. An attractive desk will bring some delight to your work-from-home environment. Your workspace will seem cleaner with an extra power outlet or cable management choices.

Standing desk accessories include an angle adjustable footrest, a balance board, an anti-fatigue mat, a ring clamp, and an adjustable chair. Some businesses can give you a discount if you buy many items!


The price, as well as the shipment method and cost, are important considerations. Remember to factor in the setup time and the return policy. Free trials are fantastic!

Make sure the guarantee length corresponds to your expectations for the investment. A credible business will back up its product.

There are numerous advantages to hiring a local company. If you’re in the United Kingdom (UK), keep an eye out for local suppliers.

Remember to use your standing desk for you once you have it. Get your setup right, then gradually increase your standing time by alternating sitting and standing throughout the day.

Have fun looking for a new standing desk!

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