Best Wine Regions to visit in Italy

Best Wine Regions to visit in Italy

Italy is one of those countries that produce a major part of the total world’s wine. So, this might be one of the best places to visit if you are willing to visit the vineyards or wineries. Although it will provide you a great experience while visiting vineyards, the traveling experience might not be as good. So, it will be a good thing if you rent a car from the car rental companies operating there.

The best Wine Regions in Italy:

The following are the 6 best wine regions in Italy that you must not miss on your trip to Italy.


This is an amazingly interesting and attractive place. It is because this has a 966km coastline, and this place is also known for wine production.

  • Here Grillo, Frappato, and Zibbibo grape types are produced and the wines produced from these grapes are like nothing else on this planet.
  • One of the best things about this place is that here all types of wine are produced.

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This is a place that provides most of the red wine supplies because of the incredible grape production here. This is a place of lush green land full of plants and the wine recipes followed here are historic that is why it is a great attraction for most of the Italians and outsiders as well.


If you are after the sparkling wine, then this is the best place for you. It is because Veneto is the most famous region in Italy for the production of sparkling wine.

  • The interesting thing about this place is that it has to offer a lot more just than the sparkling wine.
  • Here different types of grapes are used and white wine.
  • One great thing about this wine region is that you can get here by car in only 2 hours so getting rental cars after you compare car rental cost and services will be a great thing to enjoy your trip.



This is another place known for its sparkling wine all over the world. One of the main highlights of this place is Champagne but not only this, but here some other types of wine are also produced that have the same grape type as Champagne.


Abruzzo is a wine producing region that is on the east coast of Rome. This is the best Italian region for the production of red wine because of the grapes produced here. This region consists of mountains and valleys so visiting this will be a pure moment of joy for you.


The wine produced here is known as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and this wine is made using  Sangiovese which is a bit unconventional grape type for the region. However, this is one of the best wines that you can get in Italy because it is bold and smooth at the same time.


Visiting Italy means that you are visiting a land that is full of wine regions. So, here we mentioned some of the best wine regions that you can visit in Italy to enhance your knowledge of vineyards and wine. Need a car? You can compare prices on rental cars on many sites to get the best deals.

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