6 Best Techniques for Bartenders to Quickly Make Cocktails

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Crafting a good drink is no rocket science. No lies, bartending is one of the most growing professions these days. That is because alcohol is a dire need for many people, and you don’t require many skills for this profession. Anyone can become a bartender if they learn all techniques and skills. The best thing about bartending is that it takes less than a month to master the skills. But that does not mean you should take bartending easy.

Every profession requires some training and basic knowledge. You cannot make a drink just by taking out the ingredients from 2 door bottle cooler and mixing them. You will need to learn some techniques to make a tasty drink. You might need mixing, shaking, chilling, and other skills. Know that these skills are crucial for every bartender to learn. That is why we have mentioned six techniques you will need to make cocktails.

1. The Pouring Techniques are a Must-Have

Know that there are two pouring techniques. Both techniques have their pros and cons, and you can choose one depending on the situation. That is why every bartender must learn both pouring strategies. The first technique does not require any tool. It is a free pour technique. You can use both hands to pour the drink right into the glass. This technique makes drinks quickly. But it can result in a less accurate amount of ingredients that can affect the flavor. The second technique requires jiggers. It is time-consuming, but it will give you precise results.

2. Do not Frost Glassware in Freezer.

Frosting glassware is a vital part of the making of a drink. Most bartenders put the glasses in the freezer or fridge. They let the glassware cool down for a few minutes. But sometimes, the freezer does not contain adequate space. Hence, you can fill your glass with some ice before making the cocktail. Your glass will be cold by the time your drink is ready.

3. Don’t Be Shy When Shaking.

The key to shaking a cocktail is: don’t hesitate. You have to use all your energy to shake the cocktail. Know that when you shake a cocktail, you produce extra oxygen bubbles in it. The bubbles create a frothy look in the cocktail. That is why you don’t have to feel shy when shaking. Take your cocktail shaker, and add all ingredients with ice. Now shake the cocktail shaker for some minutes.

How to Build a CocktailAlcohol Flavor Pairings

4. Muddling Does not Have to Confusing.

Muddling is a technique in which you combine herbs with oil or any liquid. The vital purpose of muddling is to enhance the flavor of herbs and other ingredients. Throw the dry and wet ingredients in the muddler and muddle it using the force of your elbow and hand. Keep muddling until you smell the herbs. When you can smell the scent of them, that means your mixture is ready.

5. Fresh Juices are Always Better

Fresh fruit juices taste the best. That is why you should squeeze the fruits and limes on the spot to make the best cocktail.

6. Upgrade Your Cocktail

Do you want your cocktail to look good but don’t have time for it? Prepare edible flower ice cubes. It will improve the presentation of your cocktail in no time.

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